Planting material


Apple trees and their rootstocks are the fruit plants on which we concentrate. An essential part of our quality strategy is regular contact with the customer. If we know what our customers want, we can satisfy them. This principle runs like a thread through all our activities. The fruit trees and rootstocks that come out of our company are characterized by their quality and their viability.
Every year, large quantities of peat and sawdust are spread on the mother plantations of leading European companies. Then specialists, with the help of specially designed machines, apply organic material. In this way, the rooting process starts immediately and powerful rootstocks with strong root systems develop. During the growing season, the mother plantations and growing areas are fully irrigated. The fertigation system ensures that the fruit trees receive the necessary water and nutrition in a timely and uniform manner. This results in better nutrient uptake and more favorable growth development. Horizontal and vertical application of crop protection products and foliar fertilizers (optimum crop coverage). During the cultivation phase, the mother plantations are inspected and certified by an inspector, thus ensuring continuous quality control.
We also want to offer additional benefits in cooperation with our customers. We not only supply trees and rootstocks, but also enter into long-term business relationships. All this is done to ensure that our fruit trees bring the success that growers expect.


All rootstocks are available as 1-year (0+1) or 2-year (1+1) rootstocks and in any desired 2-millimeter variety.

The assortment of rootstocks includes:

M9 (type T 337)
M9 (type FL 56)
M9 (type RN29)
M26 IVT selection
MM 106 9a


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