Root pruning

An effective way to reduce the overgrowth of the crown of fruit trees

  • Root pruning is done
    quickly and efficiently.
  • It is controlled
    from the tractor cab.
  • The Root Cutter is made of
    high quality steel.
  • The design provides
    hydraulic angle change
    tilt and installation of the working
    root cutting depth.
  • The blades are made of
    high-quality steel,
    hardened using a special

Technical Specifications

  • Working height 200cm
  • Hydraulic side shift 60-70 cm
  • Knife length 90 cm
  • Angle of inclination 35-40 degrees
  • Dimensions 190/170/200
  • Unit weight 590 kg


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Design Roland Priebe, Realisierung ePunkte