weed control unit
in the growing strip

  • The humus-PLANET has been developed for mechanical weed control. The tree strip or vine row is processed at a uniform depth.
  • The implement is available for single-sided use or dual-sided use.
  • A brush rotates above the implements, the brush also supplies the last weed, directly adjacent to the trunk, to the implement.
  • Equipped with the electro-hydraulic precision control system the humus-PLANET works with the utmost precision right up to trunk.



  • Mounting – front or rear


Well proven range of use

  • Vineyards and orchards
  • Managed grassland with fruittress
  • Berry cultures


Special equipment

  • PTO
  • 3-point frame
  • Mulching head, one sided 40 or 60 cm
  • Hydraulic equipment frame
  • Additional pump for the oil supply of fine control incl. oil flow control (for PLANET bilateral or unilateral)
  • Oil flow regulator with hose connections
  • Oil cooler for Planet single-side or double-side (may be necessary in case of high outdoor temperature or high working speed)

Mode of operation


  • The weed is pulled out with the root and then chopped (mulching cultivation).


  • The soil gets a crumbly texture and it stays where it should (no displacement of soil).


  • The implement does not clog and works equally well in wet or dry, light or heavy, sandy or rocky soils.


  • The weed brush even removes the last island of weeds directly on the trunk.

Technical Data

Mower PE 2000
PE 2500
PE 3200
PE 4000
Mode of operation one-sided
Row widht minimum, (m) 2,40
2,40 3,10
Lateral offset from-up to, (m) 1,17-2,03
1,67-2,53 1,85-3,27 2,33-4,06
Rpm of PTO, U/min 540 / 1.000 or tractor hydraulics
Weight Depending on equipment




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Design Roland Priebe, Realisierung ePunkte