REDpulse – Pneumatic defoliation

Using REDpulse before picking gives the apple optimal coloring

  • Higher light and temperature indexing
  • Compact ripening window
  • Uniform coloration
  • Fewer picks
  • Higher collection efficiency
  • Fewer fruit skin deposits (fungal infections)
  • Convenient operation with joystick and touch screen
  • Front position – optimised field of view
  • Can be combined with the Edward comfort


REDpulse defoliation features

REDpulse defoliation opens the foliage canopy over the shaded fruit. Bright spots on the fruit skin clearly show which areas of the fruit were still shaded before treatment. The REDpulse defoliation module helps red apple varieties achieve better and more uniform exposure. REDpulse is a new, hermetically sealed and purely pneumatic defoliation module for removing shaded leaves. The pulsating airflow removes leaves or areas of leaves in the work area. This allows for increased light and temperature drop. The result is uniform coloration and ripening of the fruit. The proportion of Grade 1 fruit increases, and the number of picking operations can be reduced.

Front without and rear with defoliation with REDpulse

Better visibility of the fruit makes harvesting easier. The work process is improved and overall movement time is reduced. The best results are achieved with a narrow fruit wall in orchards with mechanical pruning. With REDpulse the fruit does not come into contact with rotating parts that can cause skin damage. Fruit that protrudes into the roadway is gently guided past with a specially shaped guide plate. Operation is convenient with a joystick and display. The REDpulse is especially energy efficient.

Before defoliation

After defoliation with REDpulse

Harvest without defoliation

REDpulse defoliation harvest

REDpulse Duo Specifications

Working height 570 mm – 1,210 mm
Working depth 400 mm – 600 mm
Рабочее давление 0.6 bar to 09 bar (adjustable)
Working pressure 1.8 km/h – 2.5 km/h
Number of rotors 2 (Duo), with 2 nozzles each
PTO power requirements 60 kW (81 hp)




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Design Roland Priebe, Realisierung ePunkte